Tofu Scramble 2.0

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IMG_1830        I revamped my tofu scramble recipe by adding yams and cilantro sprouts.  Also, usually to save time, I would microwave Yukon potatoes add to the mixture, but this recipe uses peeled, russets diced small, so they would cook completely with the tofu.  The peeled, diced yams were parboiled in another pot and added at the end.  The cilantro sprouts added a subtle flavor that even non-cilantro lovers would like. 


¼ Cup vegetable broth for sautéing

1 yellow onion diced

1 carton refrigerated extra firm tofu

3-4 potatoes (peeled and diced small)

3-4 yams (peeled and diced small)

~3 Cups spinach (fresh, chopped)

½ Cup cilantro sprouts

1 can medium salsa

Pepper and garlic powder to taste


Using a large skillet (I used a large wok), over medium heat, add the diced onion and vegetable broth.  While sautéing, slice the tofu in ½ creating two thinner slabs.  Using paper towels, press the water out of the tofu.  Add slabs to skillet and mash with a potato masher or fork until it is a crumbly texture.  Turn skillet to low.  While the mixture is browning, chop the spinach and toss into the mixture.  Peel potatoes and dice small for even cooking.  Add white potatoes into the mixture. Cover the mixture with a lid.   Add yams into a pot with boiling water to cook before adding into the tofu mixture.  As the spinach begins to wilt, add the salsa, sprouts, and seasoning.  Toss to combine with tofu mixture.  Cook until the white potatoes are no longer firm.  Check yams and once soft, drain and add to the tofu mixture.  Toss everything to combine and serve hot with a side for fruit and whole grain toast.

Makes enough for 4 – 6 large servings

Robin is a second-year Nutritional Science graduate student and soon will be a registered dietitian. She and her family adopted a plant-based lifestyle eight years ago and she wants to share the health benefits with others. She believes whole foods feed the body, soul and mind.

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