Plant-Based Recipe: Dennis' Favorite Tuna Spread Picture
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Dennis’ Favorite “Tuna” Spread

I recently took my husband’s favorite tuna sandwich spread and freed the tuna (and yogurt) which made it plant-based.  The secret ingredient is garbanzo beans (is there anything a garbanzo

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Plant-Based Recipe: Spaghetti Soup
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Plant-Based Recipe: Spaghetti Soup

Fall means its soup season!  To kick off my recipe section, I have chosen a long-time family favorite that I changed 8 years ago when my family became plant-based.  The

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Welcome to Veghead 2.0!

Dear Readers, Yesterday we gave the Veghead website a makeover, we really like the new look, and hope you do too! Over the next couple weeks, expect to see additional

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But how do you get your protein?

If you are publicly acknowledging that you are now eating a plant-based diet, I have no doubt that at least one person has asked you about your protein intake.  Likely

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Joyful movement aka exercise

When I was a child, I loved to ride my bicycle.  My brother and I would race up and down our gravel driveway, build small ramps to go over and

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What’s in my grocery cart

Make a Plan Recently, one of my podcast listeners commented they wanted more brands of foods or a tangible grocery list to work with.  “What foods do you buy when

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Tips to reduce sodium intake

The feedback from my podcast listeners was that episode #4 “Tips for Reducing Sodium Intake” was a little long but the tips offered were valuable.  So, I decided to blog

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Plant-based eating while living in college dorms

Recently, my youngest child, Meridith, returned home from college for the summer.  She is featured in VegHead Speaks #3 podcast where she and I discuss the challenges of eating and

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Getting Started

Starting something new can be exciting for some, daunting for others and stressful for many especially if they don’t know where to start.  My goal is to help you take

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The Plant-Based Journey Begins

Photo by Pixabay on   Veghead Speaks began out of my passion for nutrition or more specifically, my passion to help myself and others learn how to make healthier

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